Oroscopo di Paolo Fox per Lunedì 19 Ottobre- Bilancia, Scorpione, Sagittario

Once again together to discover the will of the stars. We are on Monday and a new week has begun. Let’s find out Paolo Fox’s predictions on Monday, October 19, 2020.

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Paul Fox horoscope October 19: Libra

Logic only takes you far. Move to the gut (instead of the head) and you will make further progress. An old flame may come back into your life, try not to fall into temptation.

Paul Fox horoscope October 19: Scorpio

Finally fulfilling an old obligation. Ironically, what started out as a chore ends up turning into a profitable learning experience.

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Paolo Fox, horoscope October 19 for Sagittarius


Paul Fox horoscope October 19: Sagittarius

You secretly believe you can always do better, but someone is using this to trick you into giving up something valuable. Don’t fall for it! At work today will be fine even if your colleagues want you to show more commitment


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