Unlock $1000 Daily Earnings with Sun Miner

Welcome to the world of cloud mining with Sun Miner, your reliable partner in securing stable income. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to start earning up to $1000 per day just by registering on our site.

Legitimacy and Trust:

Sun Miner is a legally registered company in the UK, engaging in fund management activities (SIC). We are fully licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, adhering to local laws and regulations. Verify us officially at.company search number 11880006

Our Services and Benefits:

Serving over 9.55 million miners globally, Sun Miner has been operating safely for nearly 5 years. Our cloud mining platform offers a range of profitable and risk-free mining contracts. Every user can choose a suitable plan and start earning daily profits. We provide a variety of services, including:

  • Fixed income programs with regular payouts.
  • Simple and clear steps to start investing.
  • A hash power marketplace with diverse contract options.

Affiliate Program:

Join our lucrative referral program today and earn up to 3% commission from your referrals. There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can make, unlocking unlimited earning potential.

Hash power marketplace at Sun Miner

Explore the diverse range of cloud mining contracts available at Sun Miner, each tailored to suit different investment preferences and earning potentials. Our marketplace is designed to cater to both new and experienced miners, offering transparent and profitable opportunities.

Bitcoin Recommended Computing Power

  • Contract Price: $600.00
  • Term: 6 Days
  • Daily Profit: $1.28
  • Total Profit: $46.08
  • Fixed Income: $646.08
  • Miner Model: M60
  • Hash Power: 172
  • Affiliate Bonus: Up to 3%

BTC Free Hash Power (Daily Sign In Reward)

  • Contract Price: $10.00
  • Term: 1 Day
  • Daily Profit: $0.30
  • Total Profit: $0.30
  • Fixed Income: $10.30
  • Miner Model: S19 Pro
  • Hash Power: 110
  • Affiliate Bonus: Up to 3%

BTC Experience Hash Power

  • Contract Price: $100.00
  • Term: 2 Days
  • Daily Profit: $3.00
  • Total Profit: $6.00
  • Fixed Income: $106.00
  • Miner Model: M50S
  • Hash Power: 128
  • Affiliate Bonus: Up to 3%


Litecoin Classic Hash Power

  • Contract Price: $300.00
  • Term: 5 Days
  • Daily Profit: $3.78
  • Total Profit: $18.90
  • Fixed Income: $318.90
  • Miner Model: Antminer L7
  • Hash Power: 10
  • Affiliate Bonus: Up to 3%

…and many more options, including various BTC Classic and Premium Hash Power contracts with different prices, terms, and earning potentials.

Why Choose Sun Miner’s Hash Power Marketplace?


  • Diverse Contract Options: From short-term daily contracts to longer-term investments, there’s something for every level of investor.
  • Transparent Earnings: Clear information on daily profits, total profits, and fixed incomes.
  • Quality Equipment: We use the latest mining gear like M60, S19 Pro, and Antminer L7.
  • Affiliate Bonuses: Earn more by inviting new users, with bonuses up to 3% and various levels.
  • Limited Availability: Certain contracts have limited availability, ensuring exclusivity and high demand.

Start your journey in cloud mining with Sun Miner today and tap into a world of profitable and straightforward mining solutions. Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency mining or a seasoned expert, our marketplace offers a hassle-free way to grow your digital asset portfolio.

About Us:

Sun Miner is a leading cloud mining company, trusted by over 9,550,000 users since its establishment in 2019. Our mission is to make cloud mining accessible to everyone, offering state-of-the-art technology and large-scale industrial data centers accessible from any device, anywhere.

Why Choose Us?

  • Stable profits and fast payouts.
  • An expert team of investment specialists and IT experts.
  • Top-notch equipment from leading manufacturers.
  • 24/7 customer support.


Don’t miss your chance to join Sun Miner and embark on your journey to financial success in cloud mining. Register today and start earning tomorrow!

Visit insminer.com to start your journey to cryptocurrency success and receive a welcome bonus of $10.00, as well as take advantage of the referral program to increase earnings.

The SUN miner app can be easily downloaded by searching for ‘SUNminer’ in the Google App Store (click to download) or Apple Store.


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